New design

Time for a fresh design, folks. With the amazing power of Twitter Bootstrap we made a more simple design just perfect for large resolutions, but with just as cool on your mobile phone as well.

Go ahead and try it on any device, it's quite awesome.

Convert seconds to HH:MM:SS

This tool is useful when you want to quickly see how much really 23453 seconds mean. It will convert the seconds in easy to read human-friendly format (hours, minutes, seconds).

And yes, it even works with very large values that span over multiple days. Enjoy!

Convert seconds to HH:MM:SS tool »

Summarize tool UTF-8 support

The summarize tool now supports texts in UTF-8 formats. Now go summarize those Chinese websites you always wanted!

Summarize tool »

Other quick updates

This isn't realated to our online tools, but we just released a nice walkthrough website for Tomb Raider Underworld so you can check it out as well.

Summarize this!

Use our Summarize tool to create a summary of any given text.

Why read 10 pages to figure out what the author wanted to say?


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