This tool will format phone numbers in correct US format following the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). It also supports phone numbers with letters to make calling the nearest flower boutique at 1-800-FLOWERS or your trusted wireless broadband provider at 1-800-BROADBAND, a lot easier.

Phone numbers are displayed in the following pattern: (area code) subscriber-number.

You can also use the Bulk phone numbers formatter for a list of phone numbers instead.


18003569377 = 1(800) 356-93773
5555551212 = (555) 555-1212
1-800-FLOWERS = 1(800) 356-9377

What it does

This tool formats phone numbers for easy display in US format.

It also supports phone numbers with letters and displays the numeric equivalent.

1-800-FLOWERS = 1(800) 356-9377