What is this Summarize thingiee?

This tool automatically creates a summary from a text (usually large). Pretty simple: you enter a text (or the address of a webpage) and the tool gives you a short summary.

How does it work?

Using some alien technology combined with the latest computers from NASA and some dwarves that read all the text your write, we manage to output an exact summary for any text given!

Now, on a more serious note: the tool has 3 phases:

  1. Extract sentences from the text given (this is the most difficult phase really, so most bugs will be caused by it).
  2. Identify the keywords in the text and count each word's relevance.
  3. Identify the sentences with most relevant keywords and output them based on the options selected.

Which is better: URL or manual input?

If you have to choose between an HTML page (website) or the text itself (for example by manual copy), usually it's better to go for the first option. Our tool identifies HTML elements in the page and use those to split the sentences even better.

Parameters explanation

The value used to limit the sentences based on their relevance. The relevance is determined by the number or relevant words in it. If you specify a number of lines, this value is ignored. Sentences are ordered in the natural order (the order they appear in the original text).
Number of lines
The number of lines returned in the summary. These lines will be sorted by the relevance (first lines will be most relevant). If you specify a value for this option, the treshold is ignored.
Mininum sentence length
The number of characters a sentence must have. (default: 50)
Mininum word length
The minimum number of characters a word must have. (default: 4)
Show sentence relevance
If checked, the relevance for each sentence will be displayed at the end in paranthesis. The relevance is a number (not a percent) calculated by adding the relevance of each keyword detected.
Show best words
If checked, the most relevant keywords will be displayed, also the relevance (number of occurrences in the entire text).
Number of best words
This option can only be set if Show best words is checked. You can set the number of best words to be displayed using this option.
Keyword highlighting
If this option is checked, an additional output will be generated with the same summary, but with keywords highlighted. The more relevant each keyword is, the bigger will appear. You can use this option to make a quick verification of keyword density in the final text.
Show sentences
If this option is checked, the sentences detected will be displayed as well. Please note that sentence are split using a special algorithm and because of the high complexity of this task, it is close to impossible to make a perfect split. A particular problem you might see is when there are links inside the text.
Sentence filtering callback
A custom callback can be provided to be executed on the list of sentences before ranking.

Wordpress Widget

You can now add a widget for the Summarizer tool to your Wordpress blog! It's easy and it's FREE.

Download Summarize Widget

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